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Blame has fallen on the disruption to the sleep-wake cycle, which is set by light.

So scientists are now asking: Researchers at the University of Bergen in Norway have started a study which is attempting to work out the type taok lighting we should install for shift workers to facilitate their adaptation to night work. The project involves a series of three experimental, laboratory-based shift work simulation studies.

Sleep is assessed both subjectively and objectively, performance is tested, and waking functions are assessed with objective measures. The experiment comprises nine office workstations in a room lit by ceiling-mounted LED luminaires, which can be tl to provide light of varying intensity and colour temperature.

Thirty four students have been recruited to participate in the first of these night shift simulations.

They will work in light with a colour temperature of K and will alternate between two conditions, one with a light intensity of lx, while the other will provide only lx. Similarly, in the second experiment the participants will work three consecutive nights in the same laboratory in light intensity of lx.

Here the workwr conditions, between which the participants will alternate, comprise light of K cool blueish light and light of K warm yellow light. The students will all undergo a range of tests during and after the experiments, including physical measurements such as body temperature and heart rate, and cognitive and mental tests.

They will also keep a sleep diary. The third study will measure the effects of working in monochromatic light.

Again, the participants nigght alternate between different lighting schemes. One condition comprises blue light of nm, while the other condition consists of red light of nm.

These experiments only last for one night in each condition. The students will be subject to the same tests and measurements as in the shifh experiments.

The hypothesis is that when the students are subjected to the blue wavelengths they will experience some of the same improvements expected from the groups with high intensity and high colour temperature. The papers sbift convey the results on the role of light intensity, the impact of colour temperature, and on the effects of monochromatic light, respectively.

The light scenes are preprogrammed and administered from a wall panel.