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Dirty girls guilty pleasure

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Guilgy you on your next beer run I'm 5'9 185lesbi tats, shaved head, blue eyes, safe and sane. L and see if anyone out there is wanting to meet a guy SWM 47 for a cup of coffee and some nice convo. That just the thought of Dirty girls guilty pleasure makes my panties wet.

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Now most of the stuff I'm about to say may shock you.

It may even scare you. But I have to say pleasre because it's true, at least for the majority of guys, despite what any of Dirty girls guilty pleasure say. Of course, any guy would deny it to another guy, but when it comes down to it, we've all got these guilty pleasures that take away from our manliness.

Dirty girls guilty pleasure a girl asks us if we want to go to the mall we may say something like "I guess, Dirty girls guilty pleasure I was gonna do some push ups" but inside we're really thinking "Hell yeah I wanna go shopping, there's a sale at Ralph Lauren and I gots me a coupon for Rapid City horny sluts now off!

Or you're walking by J. Crew and you stop and say, "Hey, let's just go in, just 'cause it's on the way and we have time to kill" when you're really eyeing that pastel colored button down shirt.

Pastel is so in this season. TV - Every now and then you're flipping through channels and up comes Oprah or Ellen.

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No one is around you, so you decide to watch a little, and surprise surprise the shows are pretty addicting. Watching Oprah makes your problems seem insignificant compared to her guests.

Plus it's pretty fun watching "Sex and the City" or "the L Word". It's Dirty girls guilty pleasure research into the minds of women.

You get a feeling like you're cheating on a test with all the free info you get on women's emotions and shit. Another big hit is the Cooking Channel.

Watching those chefs create a masterpiece of an entree in only half an hour is simply marvelous. Did I say simply marvelous?

Urban Dictionary: Guilty Pleasure

I meant fucking awesome! You'll put on your slacks, your finest shirt and kicks, then drench yourself in an ungodly amount of Axe body spray.

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Now you'd never admit this in front of your fellas, but I see pleaeure tapping your feet to the beat and getting into it. Sometimes it just feels right and stirs up all these emotions.

Dirty girls guilty pleasure Search Horny People

It can make you want to drop everything and just dance all night long! No, not dance all night long.

I meant bang a really hot chick all night long! Definitely banging!

Not dancing. I'm not gay.

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Sometimes I like to be on the little spoon. Spooning can be a lot of fun though, but make sure you're on the outside of the girl, otherwise it'd just be really really weird.

Sometimes, what I like to do is let her know when I'm ready to get down and dirty by giving her a little "poke" in the back. Did I say little?

I meant humongous! So there you have it. Don't deny it, you're guilty of at least one of these, but now you know that most guys are too.

We like you. Do you like us too?

Give the gift of Desire and Passion for your own birthday this year and be that kinky girl! Strippers are harmless fun so treat yourself!. I'm all for being ourselves, so admitting our guilty pleasures should be I began my intensive investigation of fetishes girls might have; the. Being called a dirty whore or slut. .. I feel bad for not including him, but sometimes a girl just wants a quick o before getting on with her day.