The Phallosan Extender Is a Clinically Proven Penis Extender, Read Below To Discover How It Can help You Achieve Your Goals

Phallosan extender is a penis stretcher that has been clinically proven to increase penis length and width; it went through this clinical trial back in 2005. The Phallosan device is very different when compared with other penis stretchers on the market, because it doesn’t use the same design.

Phallosan Extender

Typical benefits you could see from the Phallosan device include;

Increased Penis Length

Increased Penis Width

Erection Improvement

Curvature Straightening

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The Design of the device is very different as it uses a mixture of stretching the penis and applying a vacuum pump, the unique combination ensures that you will see quick size gains without any discomfort that may come from alternative devices.

The Penis itself is not strapped to the device by the head like many alternatives, a comfort loop is placed around the penis which then connects to an orthopaedic belt. The belt then warps around the waist and stretches the penis, with continued stretch you will begin to notice length and girth increases.

The Phallosan extender will allow you to wear the device for 12 hours without the risk of it being noticeable or slipping off as it is attached to the body and not just hanging between the legs like many standard devices.

A complaint that many people experience when using some devices is the silicon tube, it tends to restrict blood flow and can even cause a great deal of pain. The vacuum force created by the Phallosan extender control the blood flow; therefore you will not experience any restriction or pain. In fact many people have even stated that they have noticed an improved erection and better sensitivity.

Phallosan – Does It Really Work?

One of the reasons why Phallosan extender is a high rated device is because of it being clinically proven to give you size gains. During a clinical study in 2005, everyone that took part of the study had seen a size increase. The average increase was around 2 inches in 6 months, naturally you would however see more the longer you used it for.



What Benefits Can I See From Phallosan?

You will obviously want to see the best benefits for the money your spending, Phallosan is guaranteed to give you results such as;

Increase Penis Length – 2 Inches

Thicker Penis By 1 Inch

Stronger, Harder and longer lasting erecting

Curvature Straightening

Increased Sensitivity

Improved Blood Flow

Reduced Erectile Dysfunction

Increased Confidence

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Phallosan Conclusion

As you can see Phallosan extender is a good quality penis enlargement device, best of all it does not stick to the standard design of alternative devices. Therefore you will be able to experience great gains, without any of the discomfort.

Phallosan is also competitively price, in fact compared to some of the more common devices you can save over $200 by purchasing the Phallosan extender.

Therefore if you are looking for a way to enlarge the penis, Phallosan is a perfect solution for you.

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