Get Help On How To Measure The Penis Girth And Learn How To Increase Penis Girth

You can learn the girth of the penis by measuring the circumference of the penis when it is erect. To get the most accuratehow-to-increase-penis-girth measurement, you would want to measure the penis in 3 different locations;

  • Just below the gland’s of the penis
  • The middle of the shaft
  • At the base of the penis

Penis Girth – What Is The Average Size?

You will naturally want to find out if the girth of your penis is average or above average. Since there are so many different variations in shape and sizes of penis, there is no universal average girth.

Studies have made it possible for people to estimate an average penis width, which happens to be 4-5 inches when erect. This is an average; regional, racial and familial inheritance might have an effect on the thickness of the penis.

Is The Girth Of The Penis Actually Important?

Many men that look at their penis believe that it is just the length that is needed to satisfy their partner. Even though the length can improve sexual intercourse, the width of the penis is also very important.

When the penis enters the vagina, it may at time feel as though the penis will not fit. Since the vagina is a muscle it will stretch to fit any size penis, as it enters it will stimulate the nerves within the vagina walls – which will result in your partner finding it easier to orgasms.

What many people do not know is that a large number of the nerves which are stimulated during sexual intercourse are found near the entrance of the vagina. Therefore the ticker the penis, the more the penis will be able to stimulate these nerves.

In fact 50 women were questioned at the University of Texas-Pan in 2005; they were asked if the girth was important during sexual intercourse. Even though the study did not provide advice on what was an “unacceptable” girth, 45 out of the 50 women did say that the girth of the penis did affect the satisfaction of sexual intercourse.

How Do You Measure The Width Of The Penis?

If your wanting to increase the length and width of the penis, it is very important to know what the girth of your penis is. The best place to measure the penis is the middle of the shaft when it is fully erect.

To make sure that the penis is fully erect, you want to stimulate the blood through the penis. You then want to warp a measuring tape around the center of the penis, do not take it from below the head or the base as these are typically larger in circumference.

How To Increase Penis Girth?

If you feel that your penis is not as thick as you would like, it is possible to find a way to increase the girth. The important thing to do is find a method of increasing the penis width that will actually work and be effective.


Surgery is a method of increasing the girth of the penis that does get a lot of interest, the downside is that it can be very expensive, not only that but the results will reduce over time.

The width is normally increased by injecting fat beneath the loose skin of the penis shaft, this giving the illusion of thickening. Over time this will reduce and the penis will return to normal, unless you continued to get more fat injected into the penis.


Penis Extenders are commonly used to help increase the length of the penis as well as correcting curvatures. Extenders can also be used to help increase the width of the penis, typically by 25%-33%

Penis Extenders normally work by stretching the penis, with continued stretching the amount of blood that flows into the penis does increase. As more blood is in the penis it causes the tissues to expand, which results in not only length gains but gains in girth as well.


Supplements typically work in conjunction with exercises, the pills increase the blood flow to the penis which helps expand the tissue walls. It is then the exercises that cause the size gains to remain after you stop using the pills.

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