If you are considering purchasing a penis extender, you may have concerns on whether or not they are going to be safe and won’t cause any long term side effects.

Following the tips below, you will be sure that the penis extender you choose will give you the results you want without any complications.

Tip One: Avoid Pumps

Penis Pumps have been around for many years in some shape or form, some doctors actually recommend these pumps for people that are having erection problems. They work by placing the device over the penis and “pumping” the air out this causing a vacuum force which increases the amount of blood into the penis.

This may give you a temporary size increase as there is more blood in the penis, it will however soon go away.  Many people have reported side effects from pumps because of this pumping action, side effects such as blood vessels bursting – which could result in a decreased sensitivity.

Tip Two: Does It Carry the CE Symbol

When a device carries the CE symbol, it shows that it has met certain requirements set to it by the European Medical Authorities. This basically means that the medical board have checked the device and the parks being used and have confirmed that the parts are safe and can be used.

Tip Three: Is It Clinically Proven to Work?

When Looking for a device you should look into what clinically studies that device holds, if it has not been clinically proven not only will you find that you won’t see it any results – it could actually cause side effects.

Tip Four: Is It Cheap?

We all want to look out for a good deal, but the old saying is true “You get what you pay for!” If a device is very cheap, you have to think how they could manufacture the product and then sell it at such a low price. If the device is too cheap, it is possible that it is made from parts that are of low quality and could break or even cause you to injury yourself.

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