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What Penis Enlargement Method Is Right For You?

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With so many different penis enlargement methods, it can sometimes be very confusing knowing which one will be suitable for you. A method that might be suitable for someone else might not be right for you and your lifestyle.

Below you will find details on the different Penis Enlargement Methods and if they are actually suitable for you;

Penis Enlargement Surgery

This method is probably one of the most well known methods, it is also highly recommended by doctors and surgeons. One of the major drawbacks to this is the price, it is very expensive and medical insurance will not cover it.

With penis enlargement surgery you are also not guaranteed to see results, results that you may see are not usual significant. As well as the cost and the lack of results, surgery can result in nasty side effects.

Penis Pumps

Pumps are a so called penis enlargement method that has been around for some time, often found in adult shops. If you were looking for a respectable enlargement program, you wouldn’t typically find one in your local adult shop.

The main issue with penis pumps is that they don’t actually enlarge the size of the penis; you use the pump to force blood into the penis. This can result in stronger erections and the illusion of a bigger penis, although results will fade when you stop using the pump.

Penis Extenders

These should not be mistaken for penis pumps as they are very different, although many people do believe they are the same thing.

Penis extenders use traction force to stretch the penis above the non erect length for a selected amount of time. With continued use the cells within the tissues multiply which in turn gives you a permanent size increase; many men can see a size increase of up to 3 inches in length.

Penis Extenders such as SizeGenetics are generally medically backed and have also gone through clinical studies that prove they do in fact make the penis bigger. Penis Extenders are not the cheapest option; however they are a fraction of the cost compared to surgery.

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Penis Exercises

Penis Exercises is a penis enlargement method that has been around for some time, thousands of men have stated that they have seen an increase in the size of their penis from them. Exercises typically work by stretching the penis in different ways and directions’; doing so encourages blood to flow into the penis which causes the penis to expand in both length and girth.

Penis Exercises are a recommended option, although if you was thinking of getting a penis extender if you buy SizeGenetics you do get an excellent exercise program included.

Penis Pills and Patches

The final penis enlargement method is not traditionally a way to increase the penis size, although many people are under the impression that they do. Penis Pills and patches have been around for many years and were initially developed to help strengthen the erections and help prevent erectile dysfunction.

Over time these pills and patches have developed and many now include an exercise program that is used in conjunction with taking the pills, this giving you a size increase as well as stronger and harder erections.

You may be thinking, why not just do the exercises?

Pills and patches help to increase the blood flow to the penis, thus speeding up the repair time. When used with an exercises program or even a penis extender, you will typically see better size gains in a shorter time.

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VigRX Plus

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What is VigRX Plus?

VigRX Plus was developed from a previous formula known as VigRX, this male enhancement pill has been available for many years and is one of the most well known. The company behind VigRX Plus developed the new formulation to ensure that you are going to see the fastest and the most effective results.

Even though VigRX Plus is not our number 1 rated product, it has been proven to be effective for thousands of people over the years.

VigRx Plus Rating

Features Of VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus has been around for over a decade, during this time they have continued to develop the formula to make sure that you will see the very best results. When you Buy VigRX Plus, you will receive;

60 Pills Per Box
 Stronger Formula Giving You The Most Effective Results
Natural and Herbal Ingredients
100% Money Back Guarantee
Doctor Recommended and Endorsed

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Benefits Of VigRx Plus

VigRX Plus has been rated the number 3 top rated male enhancement product due to the benefits that you will be able to see from using it. If you do Buy VigRX Plus you will be able to see fast and effective results, you will see benefits such as;

Firmer, Longer Lasting Erections
Increased Sexual Stamina and Sex Drive
Stronger and More Intense Orgasms
Overall Improvement In Sexual Health
Increased Erection Size In Both Width & Length
Increased Blood Circulation
Supports Healthy Production Of Sex Hormones
Many More!

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VigRX Plus Price

VigRx Plus is well priced, the more you do buy the cheaper they are individually. Therefore the more you buy the more you can save, in addition to getting a higher supply you also get sent additional bonuses such as a free bottle of Semenax.

Conclusion – Why you Should Buy VigRX Plus

If you are looking for a male enhancement pill which has been proven to be effective as well as being endorsed by medical professionals then VigRX Plus is perfect for you. It has always been a recommended supplement, since it has improved its formula it has continued to provide its customers with the results they are looking for – results that you will also be able to experience.

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Are Penis Extenders Safe?

If you are considering purchasing a penis extender, you may have concerns on whether or not they are going to be safe and won’t cause any long term side effects.

Following the tips below, you will be sure that the penis extender you choose will give you the results you want without any complications.

Tip One: Avoid Pumps

Penis Pumps have been around for many years in some shape or form, some doctors actually recommend these pumps for people that are having erection problems. They work by placing the device over the penis and “pumping” the air out this causing a vacuum force which increases the amount of blood into the penis.

This may give you a temporary size increase as there is more blood in the penis, it will however soon go away.  Many people have reported side effects from pumps because of this pumping action, side effects such as blood vessels bursting – which could result in a decreased sensitivity.

Tip Two: Does It Carry the CE Symbol

When a device carries the CE symbol, it shows that it has met certain requirements set to it by the European Medical Authorities. This basically means that the medical board have checked the device and the parks being used and have confirmed that the parts are safe and can be used.

Tip Three: Is It Clinically Proven to Work?

When Looking for a device you should look into what clinically studies that device holds, if it has not been clinically proven not only will you find that you won’t see it any results – it could actually cause side effects.

Tip Four: Is It Cheap?

We all want to look out for a good deal, but the old saying is true “You get what you pay for!” If a device is very cheap, you have to think how they could manufacture the product and then sell it at such a low price. If the device is too cheap, it is possible that it is made from parts that are of low quality and could break or even cause you to injury yourself.

At you can find a review of the very best penis extenders, each of these are not only effective but are completely safe.

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