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Best Penis Extender

Are YOU Looking For A Penis Extender That Is Guaranteed To Increase Penis Length and Girth? Get Help On Finding The Best Penis Extender Below!


What Are Penis Extenders?

If you have spent some time looking for ways to increase penis size, you will no doubt have come across Penis Extenders. They are one of only two scienticially proven ways to enlarge the penis, the other method being Surgery (which is both risky and expensive)

By Using a the Best Penis Extender, you would typically see benefits such as;

 Increased Penis Length
 Increased Penis Width
 Straightening of A Curve
 Stronger and Harder Erections

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

Penis Extenders work in a similar way to people going to the gym to increase the size and the strength of their muscles. They do this by gradually increasing the amount of weight they can lift, as they do small micro tears occur along the muscle. As these muscles repair, they are able to hold more blood thus they get larger and firmer.

When you attach a penis extender to the penis, it applies a certain amount of traction to the penis which remains constant throughout use. This causes cells within the Copora Cavernosa (This holds the blood within the penis when you have an erection) to spli, as they do new cells are formed which causes the Copora Cavernosa to increase in size.

As this area is able to hold more blood, it becomes larger in both the erect and non erect state. Even though you are stretching the penis length ways, you will also notice an increase in the width of the penis. (In fact many of our readers have stated they saw a girth increase first!)

Recommended Penis Extenders

In order to see the best results, you should always use a product that has been recommended by other people that have used it. If it has given them the results they were looking for, it should also help to give you the results you want.

Penis Extender
Customer Rating
X4 Labs
Male Edge

The 3 Best Penis Extenders

There are so many different Penis Extenders available, it can sometimes be hard knowing which one is best for you to use. Below you will be able to find the best penis extenders, this is based on a number of factors such as benefits, effectiveness, quality of the product and the price.


Best Penis Extender Comparison

X4 Labs
Length Gains
3-4 Inches
3 Inches
28% Increase
Width Gains
25% Increase
25% Increase
19% Increase
Curvature Straightening
Improved Erections
Traction Force
1800 Grams
1800 Grams
2800 Grams
Extra Features
16 Way Comfort System
Quad/Hybrid System

– Leather Case

– Travel Case

– PenisHealth DVD

– Aftercare Cream

– Traction Powder

– Better Sex DvD’s

– Instructions

– Cleaning Wipes

– Spare Pares

Clinically Proven
Medically Backed
CE Certified
Potential Side Effects
Shipping Cost
Discount Code
$50 (SGSC50)
$75 (DISC75)
Product Review
Official Website


1# Best Penis Extender: SizeGenetics

tick Increased Penis Length By 3-4 Inches

tick 25% Thicker Penis

tick Curvature Straightening

tick Stronger And Harder Erections

tick Increased Stamina

tick Increased Confidence


The SizeGenetics Penis Extender has been around for many years now, it has continued to improve on its design and recently released its new 16 way comfort system. The device itself is clinically proven and medically backed to work, therefore you know that you are guaranteed to see the above results. With the new 16 way comfort system, you are able to wear the unit in 16 different ways to ensure that you are 100% comfortable while wearing it.

Potential Benefits:

Effectiveness Of Device: 5/5

Quality Of Device: 5/5

Price: 4/5

Guarantee: 180 Days

Overall Rating: 5/5


$50 Discount: SGSC50



2# Best Penis Extender: X4 Labs

tick Increased Penis Length By 2-3 Inches

tick Increased Penis Girth

tick Curvature Straightening

tick Stronger And Harder Erections

tick Increased Stamina


The X4 Labs extender has been around for many years and has built up a good reputation with past customers, it is one of the most popular penis extenders currently available on the market. The X4 Labs extender has a few key benefits, it uses a quad/hybrid strapping method to ensure you are always comfortable as well as providing a number of different packages – allowing you to find one for the right price.

Potential Benefits: 4.5/5

Effectiveness Of Device: 5/5

Quality Of Device: 4/5

Price: 4/5

Overall Rating: 4.8/5


$75 Discount: DISC75



3# Best Penis Extender: MaleEdge

tick Increased Penis Length By 28%

tick 19% Thicker Penis

tick Curvature Straightening

tick Help Combat Erectile Dysfunction

tick Online Training program


MaleEdge is a new device which was designed by the company that produced the very first penis extender, they have created a device which is suppose to provide faster and more effective results than any other unit. The MaleEdge device is the only device on the market which can apply 2800 grams of traction, meaning you should be able to see the same gains as other devices while wearing it for less time. The MaleEdge uses a unique set of coloured devices, which are available in different packages.

Potential Benefits:

Effectiveness Of Device: 3/5

Quality Of Device: 3/5

Price: 5/5

Overall Rating: 3.5/5


Phallosan Extender

The Phallosan Extender Is a Clinically Proven Penis Extender, Read Below To Discover How It Can help You Achieve Your Goals

Phallosan extender is a penis stretcher that has been clinically proven to increase penis length and width; it went through this clinical trial back in 2005. The Phallosan device is very different when compared with other penis stretchers on the market, because it doesn’t use the same design.

Phallosan Extender

Typical benefits you could see from the Phallosan device include;

Increased Penis Length

Increased Penis Width

Erection Improvement

Curvature Straightening

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The Design of the device is very different as it uses a mixture of stretching the penis and applying a vacuum pump, the unique combination ensures that you will see quick size gains without any discomfort that may come from alternative devices.

The Penis itself is not strapped to the device by the head like many alternatives, a comfort loop is placed around the penis which then connects to an orthopaedic belt. The belt then warps around the waist and stretches the penis, with continued stretch you will begin to notice length and girth increases.

The Phallosan extender will allow you to wear the device for 12 hours without the risk of it being noticeable or slipping off as it is attached to the body and not just hanging between the legs like many standard devices.

A complaint that many people experience when using some devices is the silicon tube, it tends to restrict blood flow and can even cause a great deal of pain. The vacuum force created by the Phallosan extender control the blood flow; therefore you will not experience any restriction or pain. In fact many people have even stated that they have noticed an improved erection and better sensitivity.

Phallosan – Does It Really Work?

One of the reasons why Phallosan extender is a high rated device is because of it being clinically proven to give you size gains. During a clinical study in 2005, everyone that took part of the study had seen a size increase. The average increase was around 2 inches in 6 months, naturally you would however see more the longer you used it for.



What Benefits Can I See From Phallosan?

You will obviously want to see the best benefits for the money your spending, Phallosan is guaranteed to give you results such as;

Increase Penis Length – 2 Inches

Thicker Penis By 1 Inch

Stronger, Harder and longer lasting erecting

Curvature Straightening

Increased Sensitivity

Improved Blood Flow

Reduced Erectile Dysfunction

Increased Confidence

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Phallosan Conclusion

As you can see Phallosan extender is a good quality penis enlargement device, best of all it does not stick to the standard design of alternative devices. Therefore you will be able to experience great gains, without any of the discomfort.

Phallosan is also competitively price, in fact compared to some of the more common devices you can save over $200 by purchasing the Phallosan extender.

Therefore if you are looking for a way to enlarge the penis, Phallosan is a perfect solution for you.

Buy Phallosan Extender

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Alternative Penis Extenders

Male Edge Review

Discover How Male Edge Can Help Increase Your Penis By 28% In Length and 19% In Girth!

Male Edge CTAClick Here To Buy Male Edge!

What Is Male Edge?

Buy Male EdgeMale Edge is a penis extender that has been both clinically proven to work and is also medically backed; by using it you will be able to see a length increase of 28% and an increase to the girth of the penis by 18%!

The Male Edge penis extender was developed by the same company that designed Jes Extender, which happened to be the first device to appear on the market.

The Male Edge device is very different when compared with standard devices; many of them are made from metal which tends to make the device heavy and hard to wear. The Male Edge Penis Extender is made from a high quality plastic which is both durable and lightweight.

To provide additional comfort and protection, the male edge penis extender does not use silicon tubes. It uses durable rubber straps that hold the penis in place without causing any discomfort or pain. Additional comfort pads can also be used easily to add more comfort if needed.

How Does Male Edge Work?

In order to increase the penis size, the device will apply tension to the penis which will cause the penis to become stretched to the maximum length at any given time. By keeping it stretched for an extended period of time, 2-6 hours daily is the recommendation, the cells within the penis will divide and multiply allowing the actual penis will increase in both length and girth.

The speed in which it takes to see results does depend on the time that you wear the device for and the amount of tension being applied to the penis.

Most devices can only apply around 1500gs of tension; therefore you need to wear the device for much longer. The MaleEdge Penis Extender is able to apply up to 2800g worth of traction to the penis; therefore you will be able to experience size gains in a much shorter time period.

To help you keep track of your results, you can become a Male Edge member. The membership is a part of your order and therefore will NOT cost anything extra. By creating a personal training program and a diary you can put in your results, view graphs and charts to keep an eye on your growth.

Features of Male Edge

One of the reasons the Male Edge Penis Extender has been rated so high is because of the actual features of the device unit, even though the system is low cost you are getting a superior device unit.

If you Buy Male Edge you will be guaranteed to receive a system that is;

 Medical Type 1 Device Unit
 Clinically Proven To Work
 Made From High Quality, Light Weight Materials
 Offers Up To 2800g Traction – Without Causing Pain
 Uses Rubber Straps For Increased Comfort
 Low Priced When Compared With Alternatives
 Male Edge Offer Double Money Back Guarantee!

Benefits of Male Edge

If you’re looking to use a penis extender, you will want one that is going to give you the results that you are looking for. The Male Edge Penis Extender can provide you with some excellent results, which is another reason why it has been rated so highly.

If you Buy Male Edge you will see benefits that include;

 Increased Penis Length by 28%
 Thicker Penis Width By 19%
 Curvature Straightening
 Cure Peyronies Disease
 Increased Blood Flow
 Stronger and Harder Erections
 Increased Sexual Confidence
 Many More!

Male Edge Packages

It is always nice to be given a choice on what additional items you may or may not want. If you do decide to Buy Male Edge you will have the option to select one of three packages, each one being slightly different. If you’re on a budget then you can get just the device on its own or spend a little extra and get a selection of accessories.

The complete Male Edge package is still cheaper than most of the alternative devices available, giving you more for your money!

Male Edge Basic

Male Edge Basic  Blue/White Clinically Proven Traction Device
 1 Replacement Rubber Strap
 Penis Enlargement Ruler
 Online Personally Training Program

Click Here To Buy Male Edge Basic

Male Edge Extra

Male Edge Extra  Sleek Green/Black Clinically Proven Device
 2 Replacement Rubber Strap + Protection Pad
 Penis Enlargement Ruler
 Travel Bag
 Online Personally Training Program

Click Here To Buy Male Edge Extra

Male Edge Pro

Male Edge Pro  Black and Red Clinically Proven Traction Device
 4 Replacement Rubber Strap + 3 Protection Pads
 Penis Enlargement Ruler
 Travel Bag
 Online Personally Training Program

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Male Edge Photos

Male Edge Product image 1 Male Edge Product Image 2 Male Edge Product Image 3


The Male Edge Penis Extender is a revolutionary device at a very low price, as it was made by the same company that created the first penis extender you know you will receive a device of high quality. What you will find beneficial is how light this device actually is, making it much easier to wear without it affecting your lifestyle. And very importantly the day-to-day usability, how to mount and wear and unmounts, is unequalled in any other device available. Three easy steps, and you are set to use it.

As the Male Edge device can apply 2800g traction to the penis, you will be able to experience size gains much quicker than alternative devices without any pain or side effects. The company behind the Male Edge Penis Extender are that sure you will see results; they are offering a double money back guarantee.

Male Edge CTA

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