Get an answer to the common question “Does Penis Size Matter?”

Something that concerns many if not all men at some point in their lifes is their penis and whether the size of it matters. Men by nature are very proud and anything that could potential affect that pride could also affect their confidence, having low confidence or self esteem can dramatically affect our lives.

One thing that can affect our pride is the size of our penis. Every man has been in a new relationship and wondered if their partners ex was bigger than them and was able to satisfy them more. Thinking about this to much can cause confidence issues with that partner and could potentially cause arguments within the relationship.

Every man wants to know that they can satisfy the women that they are with, therefore one of the most common questions when it comes to sexual intercourse is if penis size does actually matter or not?

The truth is it depends on the women…..

Some women will say that the penis has to be a certain size in order for sexual intercourse to be satisfying for them, where as other women do say its down to how the man uses it.

The fact is, if a man has confidence with himself and his abilities then he will be able to satisfy their partner, however if their confidence levels are low then naturally the sex would not be as good as it could potentially be.

Feeling that our penis might be average or even below average is not always a nice feeling, we naturally want to be above average. It is possible to enlarge the penis, helping to make your penis above average. Penis enlargement doesn’t have to cost a fortune by having surgery and there are methods that are both effective and clinically proven to work.